The Pressure To Be Me

There was a time (and there still is) when people were pressured by society to be like it. Robots; doing the same things, wearing the same clothes, listening to the same songs and reading the same books. We created a culture where diversity was spoken of but never achieved. Now society demands that we be ourselves,Β we are told to create a definite identity and be who we want to be.

What if I’m different on every different day?

The people in our lives walk around, seemingly sure of who we are (remember we do it to others too though). But how can they be, when we’re not sure ourselves? When we’re sad, we’re forced to act happy or when we’re happy about what excites us, we’re forced to contain our bursting selves, if we don’t take these measures to conceal our true feelings, then “something is wrong” or “we aren’t acting normal.” If this is you, (it’s definitely me), then remember that being yourself is being who YOU want to be. Not who you think you are perceived to be. Slightly cliche? Yasss I know. πŸ˜‰

The truth is, we are an ever-changing bunch of misfits.Yes I said misfits. I’m one and maybe you’re one too. And our job as humans is to evolve, yeah I know I sound like your Biology teacher here, but its important that I get this out there. Change is a part of life. Change yourself, change the type of books you read, change your views, change your clothes (on a daily basis preferably) change, grow and discover.

Don’t give in to the pressure to be you.

xx ❀


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