Relationship Goals?

I wanted to blog on this topic because its such a popular thing floating round the Internet at the moment. If you think I’m going to bash the whole thing, I’m not, and plus this post is meant for everyone: single or not, wanting to date or wanting to stay single. Whoever really.

I watched a video last night, on the whole ‘relationship goals’ concept that really changed how I viewed it. I’m not trying to kill the fun at all, because like most normal people I want one of those “relationship goals” type of things. But the truth is we, spend a lot of time trying to achieve a certain look or characteristic, all because we want to impress a person. Impress a person for what you ask? Well I’m no expert but I believe its because of the ideas social media feeds us. A lot of us now feel the need to attract someone and eventually be with them. Social media seems to tell us that if you’re not dating someone: you’re somewhat less of a person. And after all you become what you spend your time focusing on. That’s what happened to me; with my news feed constantly showing me what relo aims I should have, it slowly started to become the main thing on my mind and caused me to neglect other areas of my life to pursue “the perfect relationship.”

I’ve always believed that relationships are important, and are amazing once you’re in the right one. BUT lately I’ve started to believe in the in the importance of being alone. Simply not feeling obliged to join the relationship goals ‘cult’ just because its mainstream. The time we spend alone, helps us form who we really are, and then when we’re finally in a relationship its for all the right reasons.

xx Love Ella.


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  1. It was refreshing to read that. I been struggling with the concept of being alone and enjoying me and growing. Thanks for the insight💜

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    1. ellathe16th says:

      Thank you so much, its great to see that someone can relate.


  2. Elm says:

    This is damn relatable, you know that? I love this post because THIS is how I think!

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    1. ellathe16th says:

      That’s how I feel about your whole blog! Legit, everything you say is freaking truth.

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      1. Elm says:

        Oh my god thank you so much! 🙂

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