500 days of summer

Yesterday I sat down to read the script of 500 days of summer. The whole point was to expand my knowledge on script writing & film production. But it turned out to be so much more than that. The underlying message that stuck with me when I put down the script was that life isn’t made of fate or wishes that came true or didn’t. It’s simply a matter of actions and results.

This is especially true when it comes to love, relationships and heartbreak. For the longest time I was the generic high school girl who had a solid belief in fate, destiny or whatever you wanna call it. I believed in soulmates and trust me there’s no shame in that. But the problem came up when my “beliefs” turned me into an idealist, reality and basic common sense had pretty much evaporated from the surface of my brain. Crazy right?

I based my interactions with guys I was attracted to on this whole fate thing. I was the “it was meant to be” kinda girl. (Picture me rolling in a pit of embarrassment at this stage) I seriously ignored the fact that everything that happened between me and anyone whose face caused my heartbeat to sped up was simply a consequence of our actions. No divine force of nature brought us together, we just liked each other (or didn’t) because of the things we did.

It’s complicated to explain but easy to understand, I’ve finally figured out the obvious: if you do certain things you’ll get corresponding results. It’s logical. Once I got that down, I applied it to everything in my life; friendship, my school work, and all my goals. Since then I’ve seriously never been more okay about stuff that goes on around me.


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