​Guest Poem: From the Heart (By B)


The title…that’s where this that I’m going to put down is from…

The heart, that’s where love is from.

Two hearts beat together in sync. Made for one another, they beat a thump for a thump and thud for thud.

A melody so perfect is produced; a love so beautiful is witnessed by envious bystanders.

But nothing is ever really perfect. Slowly the melody changes note by note and soon loses its tone, its rhythm, its pitch.

Everything all-so-envied is lost creating undesired distance between the beating hearts.

They slowly drift apart. They slowly lose their song. 

Two hearts way too far from each other so each stand idle awaiting a sign – anything at all.

A familiar sound is what they get. A sound giving them the most comfort.

They are drawn closer and closer until finally they stumble upon each other once again.

Now they sit next to each other, joint by familiarity and comfort.

Reformed their melody, wrote their song afresh.

Two hearts beating in sync, a thump for a thump and a thud for thud.

Together they make a beautiful song, a song that will never reach its end.

Two lovers sunken deep in love…

…never want to leave each others side so they do anything to keep it blazing afire.


This was written by my lovely friend. xx  Thanks B ❤



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