So girl! (An Interview With @natproctor) 


With 10k followers on IG,  Natasha Proctor has got a lot of eyes on her. I hit her up for a chat about being curvy and confident. Dive in!


How are you?
N:  I’m good 😂

So girl! Everybody knows that you’re confident and you always look on fleek! But not everyone knows how you do it. What makes you confident?

N: What makes me confident?  Well, loving myself, accepting the way I am. And most importantly, not comparing myself to anyone.

Do you ever feel like you’ve gotta impress people with how you look? Considering that you are a popular girl. 

N: No I don’t have to impress people with how I look. Like, I don’t care what people think of me. I could leave the house without makeup on and wouldn’t feel embarrassed or anything. I could leave the house looking simple and still feel good yeah. I really don’t consider what people would think of me yeah. I just do me. I do what makes me happy,  what makes me comfortable.  I don’t live to impress people, I live for me babe. 

[Thank you for being real!! We need more girls who really do whatever makes them happy.]

People can be nasty right? What do you have to say to anyone who compares you to skinnier girls?

N: Yes people can be nasty and all. But it doesn’t bother me at all. Like, I don’t care about anyone’s opinion at all. Yes they do try to hurt my feelings but as a wise , mature person , I don’t take it to heart nor respond to their negativity. I ignore them and let God deal with them.

You’re a confident girl, who knows herself. 5 years from now where do you think your confidence will lead you?

N: Success babe… I’d be able to travel the world without having to budget. 


A lot of girls are branded “fat not thick”. What would you say to girls who get told this kind of mess?

N: Well,  some people brand me as “fat” but I don’t care at all. Coz I believe that I’m not. It’s like someone trying to convince me that a banana is orange yet it’s yellow. 

Natasha: thick and proud  in this African attire

Don’t know how to explain this but all I’d say is that they shouldn’t let what they are branded as get to them.  They should have this I don’t care attitude. 

Well said thank you so much.

N: You’re welcome babe

On a happier note! It’s no secret that you love fashion and aren’t afraid to look hot. Who are your fav celebs to look at for style inspiration? 

N: I don’t have any 😂😂 


If you could officially model shoes, clothes and accessories, which top 3 labels would you choose?

N: Puma, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein 


Get you a thick mami – natproctor

Finally the last question: what is the biggest lesson life has taught you?

N: Never expect to get the same treatment you give. 

Huge thanks to Natasha Proctor.

Check her out on instagram here

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