Day 11

Your 10 Favourite Foods

I like food in general but for this I will surrender and pick 10

  1. Noodles. These are actually my #1 fav.
  2. Pizza (duh)
  3. Chapati. It’s the stuff wraps are made from. Tortillas?  It’s Kenyan though (thanks mom ❤)
  4. Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream
  5. Broccoli. This is so weird but I really love broccoli
  6. My neighbours sticky chocolate cake.
  7. The Nandos chicken wrap
  8. Pilau. This is like basmati rice with infused spices, slow cooked and served with roasted beef. Gaaassh. (Creds to mom once again)
  9. Peanut butter on anything
  10. And obviously chocolate.

All done. x


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