10 Things Young Creatives Should Know

Grab a cup, we are spilling creativi-tea!


[Let’s pretend that was hilariously funny]

I had the pleasure of collaborating with the amazing Zoey from askartsgirl.wordpress.com for this advice post. Jump in.

There’s no exact formula to winning when it comes to this stuff. But we’ve come up with a bunch of things that successful creators seem to flow with:

  •  Don’t trade honesty for relatability.

Not everyone will love your work or agree with it. Whether you make music, write poetry, or are a makeup artist. You have to keep it 100% you. People can always tell when you’re trying too hard to please them. It feels forced and lacks your unique style and charm. So stay honest to your brand of creativity.

  • Be a sponge…literally

Soak it all in. If you find an inspiration, hold on to it. Keep absorbing people’s work and things that remind you of your ultimate goal. There’s nothing as motivating as looking up to people who do what you do and have become successful at it.

  • Challenge yourself!

It’s easy to get comfortable when you get good at one thing. Don’t sell yourself short! There’s always a way to be better than the last time. Every time you sit down to work, challenge yourself to produce greater things.

  • There will always be losses


You can’t avoid it. Sometimes stuff just won’t play out the way you want it to. You set out on a project, and before you’re even halfway through, you’re screaming “I should never have done this” That’s normal. You just have to move on from it. Don’t stay stuck.

  •  Find your happy place

Our environments affect us in the most obvious ways. If you’re not feeling up to it when it comes to your work, switch up the scene. You need to have an environment where your creative energy flows. Filter out whatever stops you from doing what you need to.



  • Build a network when you start out

    As a young creative you have to build a network for your creative talent. It may be scary  to interact with other people but it will assist you in the long run. You have to go out of your way to go to events where you can meet people who share similar aspirations. It could be fashion events, expos, cultural events, makeup or dance events. Talk to the people you meet and chances are you could meet people who will love your work, back you up and work with you in the future.

  • Self promote your talent

    I cannot stress this enough, when you’re a young creative- you have to share your content on social media. Self promoting may sound like a total pain but its always a great idea to share your talents. Share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. The good part is you get to reach potential clients or people interested in your work, the more your promote your own content.

    fight the doubts
  • Trust the process and be patient

    When you’re a young creative you may see other creative’s instantly getting successful and you want to reach that same level as them. Now stop right there, you shouldn’t compare yourself to the next creative- you are completely unique and immensely talented in your own lane. So enjoy your journey and keep sharpening your skills and promoting your work as you will get different opportunities as you progress. Keep your head up.

  • Sharpen your talents!

    Sometimes you get stuck and don’t know what to do but you feel like you need to create something. Well, you should join some classes or workshops to improve your skills. So go book that art class or makeup class or dance class or workshop and get your groove on because you most likely could learn something new that makes you stand out from other creatives!

  • Don’t be afraid to step out of your box

    Now it may sound frightening, “stepping out of the box” but it actually could be really helpful. To improve your skills you could probably try new art material such as charcoal or colic markers for your pieces, practice a new style of dance like ballet, its never too late to  work with a photographer you like on a photoshoot. You don’t have to abandon your own style, just try it in different ways that help you grow.


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