I’m a huge fan of poetry. I look for raw and emotive pieces. I found that in Soso’s debut poem Gold.

Once upon a time there was a good guy and a pretty girl
He promised her that one day he would give her the world
She vibed with the idea for a little while
But unfortunately she ran out of breath after a couple of miles
She developed a fancy for a worthless fuckboy
Without realizing that to him she was nothing but a toy
He had nothing but internet punchlines and fuckboy clothes
But she failed to see and make the u-turn on the road
So the good guy got turned down and was absolutely broken
She had slashed through his heart and really cut it right open
She turned away from the human form of her happiness
For a fuckboy, who would soon deprive her of this happiness
The good guy lived on, and carried himself pretty strong
Even found himself a good girl and they got along
The pretty girl got cheated on like a math exercise
Too dumb to see through a fuckboy’s disguise

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink
It’s funny how these girls are smarter but always fail to think
You let a good guy go, and chose the f_ckboy road
He ain’t shit but steel with my colour. I am the real Gold

So after she got dumped by the one she thought was the one
She found herself back right where she had begun
She ran back to the good guy for a rebound
But he had a girl now, so she was out of bounds
Now the world had stepped on her heart twice with both feet
All because she was looking for a ship in the wrong fleet
See, all men are made of bones, meat and soul
But it’s what’s inside the heart that should really score the goal
So the pretty girl wept and wasn’t a pretty girl no more
She got what she deserved for acting like a stupid hoe
Heart break and depression
Suicide, her intention
Tears engulfing all the tissues in the world not to mention
The good guy hit her up, just to check what’s up
She let him know how much she regretted fucking up
She let a good guy go and chose the fuckboy road

He ain’t shit but steel with my colour, I am the real Gold


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