What I really want to talk about is what I’ve learned over the course of this semester. What I’ve learned about myself and about the people around me. I try to take introspection seriously,  looking deeply at the things that make me happy, sad, angry and everything else on the emotional spectrum. (I also learned a lot of maths, physics, chemistry and biology, but if you want to hear about those things please feel free to join a university of your choice)


This semester I learned the importance of self motivation. I know it probably sounds like a cliché intro to a self help book. But its pretty real. As humans we are naturally inclined to respond to the praise of others. Basically we like to be hyped up. When I ace something and hear my friend yell “yaaaasss girl, slay!” It’s a jump start to keep on doing that thing. But life can’t be lived like that. No matter how we try and get around it. Internal motivation is the only thing that pushes you to do the things that need doing.

I learned about anger, what it is, what it’s not. And why it’s never productive to respond to it immediately. How important it is to gauge your reaction to situations, how good it feels to remain in control in emotionally tense situations. You’ll always feel like a winner every time.

That’s that on that.

People (The Bad Things)

People are people. And that means that some way or the other, they will disappoint you and hurt you. Whether they mean to or not. And in turn I learned that I am fully capable of doing the same. My obligation to myself is to be real with a person once I’ve done something to them, to be upfront and sincerely apologetic.

Not everyone is like you, some people genuinely believe that they only need themselves. They don’t believe in co-dependence or the concept that we all have something to gain from each other. Often times they blur the lines between being independent and being a “know it all” Those are the people to be wary of because that attitude towards life has a lot of wild side effects.

I learned a lot about passive aggression. About how much easier people find it to ignore or overlook their behaviour when they’re in uncomfortable situations. Rather than communicate what’s bothering them. I believe that it comes from a weird kind of pride. The kind that makes one want to be right all the time, and the kind that feels good about bringing people down. If that’s your way to the top, then it sucks because you haven’t got anyone at the bottom willing to support you. I learned a lot about people’s reaction to your happiness, improvement, success. Watch out for the ones that don’t smile when you win, but are keen to know when you’ve failed at something.

I learned about friendship,  that in some cases , people are friends with you only for what they can get. Beware of friends like that, don’t give more than you can handle. And only give what you are comfortable with letting go of. Because a lot of your efforts will not be returned. Whether it’s time, money, information, or anything else.

People (The Good Things)

Wow. I have so many great experiences on this.

I think my favourite is that you can find friends, in people you never expected. Not just a friend, a smile keeper, a human diary, a lunch date, an encyclopedia for all things academic, a partner in all things goofy™ you name it and I guarantee that there exists someone for you who is all these things wrapped up in one. I found mine and God knows how lucky I feel.

Another thing I learned is that people aren’t as scary as they seem. If you suffer from chronic shyness like me, then here’s a reminder that people don’t bite and saying a simple hi or asking a question can lead you down a very happy road getting to know people. I’m glad I dared to introduce myself and ask for help. It’s made everything easier and ten times more fun. And anyways most people feel just as shy as you do about talking to random strangers. There’s no one on this green earth that was born confident. It’s a skill you work on everyday.

I learned that you don’t lose anything by being nice. Being simply nice goes a long way in showing your true character. And generally people will be nice to you too.

If you made it this far,wow, you obviously are the MVP, give yourself a hand for navigating through this post.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to like, comment and share.

xoxox Gossip Girl. (just kidding lol)

P.S I recently learned the identity of Gossip Girl and oh my gosh WHAT A SCAM!

P.P.S I have a insane amount of schoolwork.





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