“Pretty for a darkskinned girl”

💕 My skin is mine, it’s me who has to walk in it, live in it. And so I will love it. No matter what. I loved this post hun. Can’t wait for more. 💕

Hopeful K.

“A lot of y’all want a darkskinned girl for the aesthetic. Y’all don’t want us in real life”

The embedded quote above was something I posted on Twitter recently and the response was hectic , funny too but expected.

Growing up , I experienced alot of colorism mixed w a bit of racism. Adults and people in general would always favour somebody lighter than me , even if it was unintentionally , they still did it.

I remember I had this coloured friend , her dad told her and I quote ‘(insert name here)! , put on sunscreen or you’re going to be as black as your friend’ , they laughed it off but I didn’t. I cried and cried and cried and that man had to come back and apologise. The gag was however , I wasn’t the only darkskinned , I was just the darkest. I was…

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