About Me

Personally I think about pages are kind of dumb. But since we’re here let me introduce myself.

*  clears throats  *

I’m a 20-year-old university student (that’s the cool way of saying I’m in hell lol), I suck at sports but can probably read an entire novel in a day, my favourite music is music that sounds good and I hate olives. If you want to blackmail me, use pizza that way both of us will get what we want. In my spare time – that is when I’m not being swallowed alive by uncivilised amounts of schoolwork – I blog, sleep, hang with 3 (out of 3) of my friends and seek out opportunities to laugh.

On this blog you’ll find lengthy rants of the emotional sort. You’ll probably also find questionable beauty tips but most importantly you’ll get a break from your amazing life and a sneak peek into my comical one. If I don’t laugh about it, I’ll cry about it. Welcome to my life.

DISCLAIMER: if you’re not a fan of dry humour then go away loser.