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Evidently I’ve had a wave of inspiration hit me and it has lunged me forward into another epic restructuring of my crazy beautiful blog.

‘What will 2017 hold?’ I sit here musing at how so much has changed from 2016; both outwardly and inwardly. And I can’t help but smile at how so much more is still yet to change.

So here’s to 2017, may it be as riveting and wild as God desires.


Coming back.

Oooh well it’s been a while since I last visited my “sanctuary” this blog. Hmm. So much has changed and I’ve finally caught up with it.

Since my last post I’ve:

  • ditched a few friendships (some goodbyes were more heart-wrenching than others)
  • taken a closer look at who I can trust
  • become a total introvert and shied away from social media
  • found  two new lovers: kpop and kdrama…aigoo
  • had some time to introspect, look at who I was, am and want to be

Okay, I can’t summarise it all but that’s the gist of it, things have changed and so have I.

I realized while writing this comeback post that, my original intention for this blog was for me to help other people, but all that it has become is a place for me to help myself. To reflect and reconsider. To document, and archive, the person I’m becoming. It’s such a weird process: looking at yourself through a sort of camera lens perspective. Seeing yourself at 16 and judging that while 18, then you at 23 judging yourself at 18 and so on. Seeing yourself grow and change and discover, (which has been my mantra since forever lol) it’s such a satisfying thing. I’m rambling, at 15 I would have edited everything and made this post more readable, at 18 I don’t care if its readable, I care if its honest.

Exams are coming soon. Chincha. Once again, I feel pressured to live up to standards set up by others, kinda sucks. I also feel the need to make a point to people who’ve been calling me stupid, as rumours suggest. AND I have to worry about making good enough grades for varsity. It’s kind of a lot but I’m taking it in stride.

Okay. Okay. Enough about me, I wanna get to know the people who follow my blog. How are you? How’s your life?

Also I wanna send a huge apology to the people who were so nice to me when I first started blogging. My blogger friends that commented and supported me, made me feel comfortable with opening up and speaking – typing really – my mind. I don’t feel I gave you what you gave me, and I’m so extremely sorry for that.

See you in the comments I hope ❤❤❤