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We Are More Than Just Our Grades

We are in a world where education isn’t even about learning anymore, its about achieving or getting better grades than the person next to you. Going to school, doing homework and having lessons has even become damaging to our mental stability.

We shouldn’t have to sacrifice our mental health to do well in school.

I can’t even describe the countless times I’ve sat crying over something I don’t understand in Math or Physics. Learning isn’t learning anymore, it’s a competition, a fight to make sure that you make it in to university, it’s an unending journey to know but not really understand.

These facts make me sad, make me worried for future generations, for myself and for my friends. I guess all I’m trying to really say is we should do our best as people to learn and understand, find out what you’re good at, what you love or what you can use the to help the person next to you.

Maybe you like blogging, and you’re good at it, find out what you can do to improve your language skills, learn about communication, use what you’ve learned to make a difference, you don’t have to change the world, making a difference in one life even if it’s your own, is beyond good enough.

Maybe you’re good at art or you like it, take your time to learn about great artists, their inspiration. The same goes for any other interest or subject. Learn about what you love, learn about what you don’t love, learn to expand your horizons, to know more and understand more. Learn to love learning.

Nurture what you love and become the best that you can be at it. Everything will fall into place from there.

Tons of love Rafaella ❤